Innovative legal services with Contractstool

Manually drafting legal documents and managing them is a time-consuming endeavor. With Contractstool, you are able to turn your template contracts in online applications which are used to automatically generate custom-made contracts.

Contractstool speeds up the designing process, enables multiple users (colleagues or customers) to work on models at the same time and let you be in complete control of what is added or not. Furthermore, laws and regulations can be worked out in a structured manner with our intuitive software. This ensures uniformity and quality throughout your organization.

Your branche, Your solution

The Contractstool is a useful tool in many different branches. Below, you will find a few examples. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always contact us at info@berkeleybridge.com.


Innovative legal services with Contractstool.

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Legal Counsels

Efficiency and certainty through automatically generated contracts.

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Generating legally correct contracts without externals.

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Generate complex documents automatically.

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